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October 2017

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Computer & Technology


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Primary Halloween Games


Grade 7: Click to download Math Booklet template.


Each year as I look back over what we’ve done in Computer I am amazed at how much has been accomplished and how much the students have grown in their skills and ability to use technology. Some concepts are worked on over all grade levels, increasing in complexity as students get older. Two of the areas everyone works on are keyboarding skills and internet safety. Each grade level has also spent time with the First in Math program and other math websites.


Kindergarten and First Grade worked on the website and with the Jump Start and Tuxpaint (drawing) programs, as well as increasing basic skills such as logging in, opening programs, and interacting with them. Both grades also created a slide show of their drawings about VME for Catholic Schools Week. First Grade enjoyed using Photobooth to create strange pictures of themselves for April Fools Day.


Second and Third Graders used a number of online tools to help them study their spelling words. Third Grade even created crossword puzzles. Both groups continued to use Tuxpaint, usually adding text to their drawings. Second Grade used Wordle while Third Grade did some basic word processing using Microsoft Word and created their own comic books.


Fourth Grade began using the internet to research information for their core classes. To present that information they expanded their word processing skills, creating columned documents, and imported graphics from both internet sources and Photobooth. They used several online tools from ReadWriteThink and Piclits and are in the process of creating PowerPoint presentations to go along with their state reports.


Grades Five through Eight spent time learning to search the internet more effectively, exploring various search engines, and creating graphs to go along with their science projects. They have had the opportunity to create PowerPoint presentations and practice more advanced word processing skills, including creating posters and using some of the photo effects tools. Fifth and Sixth Grades made animated drawings using Grade Five created a template and used it to produce a trifold brochure, while Sixth Grade created a Voicethread about Villa. Sixth and Seventh Grades explored websites that could be used to create flashcards to aid in studying. Seventh Grade worked on several math projects during their computer time, including the Stock Market game, creating magazine covers, and several math websites. They will be concluding the year by creating math booklets to share with younger students. Eighth Grade completed a Letter Art project, worked on a wiki for PJAS information and a Garage Band project for Music, and created glogs. They will bring the year to a close with another photo project in which they will highlight their Eighth Grade memories.

The success of some of our projects can be attributed to the availability of a color printer which we were able to purchase this year because of the Krug Grant we were awarded last spring. We are grateful to the Erie Diocese Catholic School Office for providing us with this opportunity.


Create your own flashcards to help you study:


Here are a number of websites that will allow students to practice their math skills anywhere they have access to the internet. If you find something you think would be useful, feel free to email me with the URL and I will consider adding it to this list. Math and logic games, online flashcards and more. Includes some videos on math processes covered in the middle/upper grade curriculums. Sharpen mental math skills with this deceptively simple activity. A link on the right takes you to other activities to help you "train your brain"!

Johnnie’s Math Page Click on a topic and you are taken to numerous game choices for all ability/need levels. Games are from various websites. Can search by topic or grade level. Each “lesson” reviews how to work the problems and provides opportunities for drill and practice. Explains some processes; also some game-type activities that foster thinking skills. Older students might want to head to for more challenging activities. – Practice your multiplication facts while playing a large variety of games. Most games allow user to specify which fact families they wish to use. practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, as well as science or English in game format.



Have a math question? There might be a video here that will answer it. You can also check out some of their games and puzzles.
Math Videos

Spelling Wizard ( Create word search and scrambled word puzzles to practice your spelling words.

Create A Graph Online (

Religion ( (Goes with the Religion texts)

Wellness (
(Information for all, games and activities children will enjoy while learning.)


Links for little people


Others: (learning activities and cartoons for primary grades) (Variety of topics) (Educational games) (Variety of subjects) (Almanac online) Create word clouds from words you type in, or text you copy and paste in. For older math students - free online videos covering algebra, geometry and beyond. - Data sets to practice graphing.


 - Miss Zawacki

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