Villa Maria Elementary School


Track & Field 

 Coach: Mike Brown 

Open to grades 1 - 8. The cost is only $20 for the Diocesan fee as this is not a full-season sport at this time. 





Cross Country

Coach: Mike Brown


The cross country team welcomes all students in grades 5-8 who would like to participate this Fall. Cross country is a great sport for kids who love to run and for those who simply want to get in shape for another sport. The only requirements are a commitment to work hard and a desire to compete and improve. All are welcome!
Running is miserable when you haven’t prepared properly, so it is imperative that kids do some running over the summer. Students are strongly encouraged to begin preparing for the season now by running 20 - 30 minutes a day, 4 - 5 days per week (4 days for 5th / 6th graders and 5 days for 7th / 8th graders). If kids are not in shape to do that yet, they can mix in periods of walking during their runs. However, I would like all of our kids to be able to run for 25-30 minutes (non-stop) by early/mid-August.  A gradual build-up in the summer will prevent injuries from occurring in the fall. 


Our regular practice schedule, including a parent meeting, will begin the 2nd or 3rd week of August. More details to follow. Optional invitational races hosted by other Catholic schools take place many Saturday's beginning in late August and running through early October. Thursday night scrimmages begin in early September. Although the Diocese has not finalized the season calendar, the Diocesan Championship is usually held on a Saturday in early/mid-October
One final request—over the years, many parents have assisted by running during our practices.  This is important given the wide range of abilities we have on the team. We need helpers to encourage the kids during practice and also to make sure they don’t get lost when the pack spreads out!  Not everyone is able to run with the kids, but if you can ride a bike, walk, or even stand at key points (e.g., help keep an eye on kids when they are on the other side of Frontier Park) during some of the practices, that would be a great help!
Please email or call or email Coach Mike Brown for more information ( / 566 - 8747). If you are new to the sport, there is a team website that includes a season calendar and other important information. Please call or email Mike to be added to the website. 







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