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Villa Maria Elementary

At Villa Maria Elementary, music has always been an integral part of the daily curriculum. This tradition continues today, almost 120 years after the Sisters of St. Joseph began by requiring every student to learn the piano. The difference now, is how we have expanded on this basic belief, that art and music are necessary to each child’s educational and emotional development.


On any given day our halls are filled with beautiful voices from our music room, our youngest students learning percussion and rythym in the Kindermusik room, plucking from the harp and strumming from guitars, and minuets and scales abound from piano rooms. Combine these lovely sounds with the smells of fresh paint and clay, and the sight of current artistic creations displayed as you enter the school, and the VME devotion and dedication to the arts is obvious and impressive.


While other schools continue to cut art and music courses, Villa is determined to have dedicated teachers for these necessary subjects. In fact, VME has taken art integration to a whole new level by implimenting the Artist of the Month Program for all K-8 students. This program enables every student to be deisgnated as an Artist of the Month in their classroom, and to work with his/her peers to develop a class project highlighting their understanding and knowledge of the current skill/concept being covered in their classroom. These student centered and directed projects are meant to be creative and innovative presentations of information for the classroom teacher to assess mastery levels without having to use traditional paper and pencil methods. The Artist of the Month Program is exclusive to VME and we are proud to be leading the way in developing our students for the 21st Century with such innovation. Come and see for yourself what amazing things our kids have presented to their teachers in the past few years.

Artist of the Month




Music & Fine Arts at VME:

• Dedicated music and art teachers
• Dedicated art and music rooms

• Piano lessons (Suzuki and Traditional methods taught during and after school)
• Guitar lessons (offered during and after school)
• Voice lessons (offered during and after school)
• Musical Theater (Grades 1-8)
• Band (beginning, intermediate and advanced)
• Kindermusik (2-Year old preschool - Kindergarten)
• Dance partnership with Lake Erie Ballet (Classes offered during and after school)
• Choir
• Art and Music theory and history
• After school art enrichment


Villa Maria Elementary


Villa Maria Elementary
Villa Maria Elementary


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