Villa Maria Elementary School




2-Year Olds
3-Year Olds
4-Year Olds


Language Arts:
Great emphasis on development of oral language skills especially through Show & Tell, playing with classmates, puppets, acting out nursery rhymes and stories. Development of listening skills through stories, following directions. Introduction to the relationship of language and the written word through experience charts, stories and alphabet.



Numerous activities are provided for counting and seeing the relationship of one to one correspondence. Patterns and graphs are introduced as well as other math language such as more and less.


Appreciation for God’s creation of the earth. We explore water properties, sand, growing things, magnets, bugs and other interests of the children.


Social Studies:
Preschool studies community helpers. Included in the study are: Firemen, Policemen, Nurses, Doctors, Librarians, Teachers, any other parent occupations, Example: manager of grocery store. Objectives are to develop awareness of these people and how they help us, also ways to be safe.


he theme for Preschool is Discovering God’s World. Topics covered include:
 1. God and how we are special to Him. 
 2. Knowing who Jesus, Mary and Joseph are.
 3. We can talk to God. He is our Friend.


Physical Development:
Opportunities for body awareness, expression of moods, motor skill development through acting out, balance beam, games and exercises.


Gym/Swimming, and the Kindermusik program are weekly specials provided by trained personnel. 


2-Year Olds

The Little Villa Preschool two-year-old program allows our youngest learners to experience the Villa Difference through a nurturing kinder-arts program. Certified teachers encourage skill development during social play. Our unmatched facility includes a safe large fenced playground and a full kitchen to allow for unique learning experiences. Your children will fill their time at Little Villa doing some of the following stimulating activities:

  • Story Time
  • Puppets
  • Costumes
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Quiet Time
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Fresh Air Activities (on our beautiful campus)
  • Kindermusik (once a week)


3-Year Olds

The Little Villa Preschool three-year-old classroom is a unique environment which provides the important combination of what children need to develop at their own pace. The curriculum is based on the standards of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State and the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). We also follow guidelines provided by the American Pediatric Association.
This path allows for child-initiated activities with substantial teacher support. It facilitates creative development and fosters divergent thinking.




Gross Motor
These are behaviors, which develop whole body co-ordination such as skipping, balancing, jumping, catching, etc.


Fine Motor
These are behaviors, which show the development of hand-eye coordination and finger control: textures, manipulative, play dough, stringing beads, etc.


These behaviors include the child’s ability to handle his feelings toward others in typical situations: cooperation, taking turns, etc.


These behaviors include reasoning skills, memory, problem solving, and attention span.


These are behaviors that allow children to express themselves through art, dramatic play, music, storytelling, and acting.


Special Features

Gym (at least once per week)
Kindermusik (once per week)


4-Year Olds

The overall goal of Little Villa Preschool is to provide experiences that promote the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of its students, in a Catholic environment. This goal culminates in our 4-Year Old Preschool Classroom as detailed below.


Our objectives are:

  • to enhance and reinforce the development of expressive and receptive language in all areas of the curriculum
  • to enhance the development of gross and fine motor skills
  • to promote a positive self-image and respect for others and the differences we are all blessed with
  • to foster creativity and expression through a variety of activities and materials
  • to promote hands-on experiences that help in acquiring concepts and enhance their thinking skills
  • to provide a safe child-centered environment that contains materials that are developmentally appropriate
  • to enhance the relationship with a loving God through experiences that promote kindness, love, and respect
  • to encourage politeness, sharing, kindness, generosity and prayer with our peers.




Snack Time –
Children will need to bring a snack with them everyday. Juice or milk will be provided.


Birthdays –
Parents are welcome to send in a treat for your child’s birthday. Toward the end of the school year, the summer birthdays will be celebrated so that no one is left out.


Rest Time –
With the busy preschool schedule, the children who stay full day will have a rest period. They are not required to sleep, but many do fall asleep. Some days we may watch a video, listen to classical music, or look at books while on our sleeping bags.


Cooking –
We like to cook and bake with the children. The children absolutely love this activity and it is a perfect learning opportunity.


Music –
(Kindermusik Program) – The preschoolers will enjoy music and participate appropriately in musical activities which may include learning songs, using musical instruments, body movement and rhythm.


God’s Time –
Our religion series topics cover:
- God Made Me
- I Can Discover the Five Senses
- Discovering God’s Gifts
- I Can Love
- I Can Celebrate (various holidays)



“Opening the door to self guided exploration”

ABC Center – We will focus on recognizing the letters of the alphabet with various manipulative and media.

Building Center – The children have a variety of building materials to work with. Wooden blocks are the cornerstone for this center. The children will soon discover that they can build with all kinds of things.

Housekeeping Center – The children will have lots of outlets to use their imaginations, from acting out skits to playing school. They will be learning vital ways to work together as part of a team.

Dressing-Up Center – Dressing-up in “costumes” allows the children to explore different personalities, occupations, story characters or family members.

Community Center – The theme of the community center reflects what we are presently learning about. For example, when we study healthy foods, we set up a grocery store with cash registers, shopping carts and food containers. Other centers include a post office, restaurant and pet store.


Other Special Activities
* Cooking in our Home-Ec room
* Swimming class in our campus pool
* Gym class in our campus gymnasium
* Kindermusik class
* Sharing time with our “Big Buddies,” (students from the upper grades)
* Children will get to experience the outdoors on our beautiful campus where we wander frequently learning about nature, the seasons, and creating fun experiments

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