Villa Maria Elementary School


K-8 Curriculum

At Villa Maria Elementary, our curriculum is based on the standards of Pennsylvania as adapted by the Catholic Diocese of Erie,  We have developed curriculum guides for K-8 to ensure all standards are taught in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the state and the diocese, so that our students are properly prepared for high school.  The details of each subject's curriculum are listed below.


Art Curriculum

 Read the 36-page Art Curriculum here


Health Curriculum

 Read the 70-page Health Curriculum here


Language Arts Curriculum

  Read the 72-page Language Arts Curriculum here


Math Curriculum

 Read the 118-page Math Curriculum here


Music Curriculum

 Read the 38-page Music Curriculum here


Physical Education Curriculum

Read the 10-page Physical Education Curriculum Guide


Religion Curriculum

 Read the 29-page Religion Curriculum here


Science Curriculum

 Read the 88-page science curriculum here


Social Studies Curriculum

 Read the 144-page Social Studies Curriculum here


 Wellness Policy

          Read the 10-page document here


Attendance Policy for Elementary Schools

         Read the Attendance Policy here


Report Cards

VME has spent considerable amounts of time redesigning their report cards. The purpose of these report cards are to be consistent across grade levels, and simple to interpret for both students and parents.


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