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Curriculum for the 21st Century

Educational professionals, brain researchers, and even Fortune 500 executives recognize that education should strike a balance between knowledge and creativity.  This balance would include a strong foundation in core knowledge, and an equally strong foundation in creative and critical thinking skills in order to put that knowledge to work. This is the learning that needs to occur for our students to be able to meet the demands of the 21st century. At Villa Maria Elementary, we call this 21st century learning teaching to the whole child.  We believe that knowledge MUST be paired with creativity in order to be most effective in a person's life. This has been the premise of VME education for over 100 years, and we are proud that the Sisters of Saint Joseph instituted and cultivated a curriculum so many years ago that is now being supported and proven by research today.

Villa Maria Elementary


At Villa Maria Elementary, we combine the strong standards-based curriculum designed by the state of Pennsylvania and adapted by the Catholic Diocese of Erie, with a dynamic and unique Arts Curriculum. Not only do our students participate in weekly Art, Music, PE/Aquatics/Health, and Technology class, but they also have the opportunity to participate in numerous school-wide and/or private activities to enhance their knowledge and creativity. We have a fully integrated Artist of the Month program that gives every student the experience of working with their classmates to develop a classrom project which showcases skills/knowledge covered in the classroom in a creative and innovative way. This program is exclusive to VME and is one of our many exceptional educational experiences afforded to our students.


At Villa Maria Elementary we believe that each and every child brings something unique and thoughtful to the classroom experience. We are committed to helping our students become life long learners and succeed in the endeavors they choose after leaving VME. For this reason, we try to challenge each child to do their best in all they undertake.


Each grade’s curriculum is further enhanced through the integration of our arts and music programs. Outlined in the links to the left are the particular grade level curriculums and the basic subject matter our teachers cover. Learn more by clicking on a specific curriculum in the menu to the left.

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